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Reward Freerolls at 888 Poker

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Don’t you wish you could get the perks of higher Reward statuses without having to earn all those points? Now you can with the 888 Reward Freerolls at 888 Poker.

Success can come from a number of routes; hard work, perseverance, and just knowing a good opportunity when you see it. The 888 Poker Rewards are a great way of getting more for less, but how do you get yourself where you want to be with the Rewards. Yes you could play free poker and then work up to real money games and earn all those points that every-one in every poker forum keeps on going on about until you reach the status you want; or you could take a short cut.

There’ s nothing more beneficial than something for nothing, that’s why we like free poker tournaments; well the 888 Rewards Freerolls represent the height of that concept. The 888 Rewards Freerolls are worth $25,000 each month which is not a sum to be sneezed at; however they could also be worth a whole lot more as they might just provide you with the boost you need to climb up a status level or three.

888 Poker has status improving tournaments running every single day, and members of the online poker community are invited to take part for as little as $1 or even for free. Your current status will determine which of the tournaments you are eligible to take part in; some are cash buy-in tournaments, others are freerolls. For example Bronze level players are invited to take part in the daily Silver Dollar tournaments that run 3 times each day; from these poker tournaments there’s a cash prize but there’s also Silver Status prizes to be won.  If a Bronze status player wanted to jump up even higher then they could take part in the daily Gold Rush tournaments or the weekly Platinum Record tournaments, each of which award both cash and Gold or Platinum statuses respectively.

Moving onto the freerolls; there are 3 freeroll tournaments in the 888 Poker Rewards Freerolls program. The first is for Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP status players; it’s held each Saturday and has a prize pool of $1,000. The second is held on the Last Saturday of each month, is open to Gold, Platinum, and VIP members of the online poker community and it has a prize-pool of $4,000. Finally the biggie; on the last Saturday of each month there’s a $7,000 Monthly Platinum Freeroll open to Platinum and VIP players.

As you can see 888 Poker is happy to give the members of their online poker community the foot up they need, and reward them well once they get there – what a poker site!

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