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Drew McIlvain Disqualified for Collusion

Posted by: Randy Williams - Sun, 2012-02-19 15:56

Drew McIlvain Disqualified for Collusion

Drew McIlvain was playing in the WSOP-C’s Harrah’s Tunica Main Event when a floorman tapped his shoulder and took him out of the poker tournament for suspicions of collusion. McIlvain had apparently ‘colluded’ with a player he didn’t even know, who had apparently volunteered to drop him his short stack on his way out of the event. McIlvain ended up getting slapped with a penalty for the rest of the tournament and possibly a lifetime ban by Harrah’s but nothing is certain right now and even the accused doesn’t know enough about the evidence brought against him nor is it clear whether or not he has an actual decision to appeal.

According to McIlvain, the person with whom he had allegedly colluded was a complete stranger he had met at the poker table at which he was playing. The guy had apparently congratulated him on a couple of hands before being crippled and finding himself the short stack. At that point, he pulled McIlvain away from the table and apparently proposed to drop his remaining chips to him.
In an interview given in the wake of the incident, McIlvain said he didn’t know what to make of the proposition and he had no idea he should’ve gone to the floor about it. He said he didn’t tell the guy anything, neither did he refuse nor did he agree to his proposal. As he was walking back to his table, the guy walked behind him and he kept talking – that’s when the other players at the table might have overheard him.

A few hands later, McIlvain made it 6k chips from under the gun and as the other players folded, his suspected colluding partner shoved all-in. McIlvain made the call with pocket 8s against the other guy’s Kd, 4d. The flop fell 2,3,Q followed by a 5 on the turn. The river was a brick and the chip dumper disappeared from the table, leaving McIlvain to face the wrath of the casino officials.

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