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Online Poker Action – Kyllonen Dominates

Posted by: Randy Williams - Fri, 2012-01-27 15:37

Online Poker Action – Kyllonen Dominates

His first major live poker title in his pocket, Viktor Blom returned to the online poker tables at PokerStars with a vengeance, and sure enough, he broke another record: he took down his biggest ever PokerStars pot.
Despite the hot Aussie Millions action keeping the cream of the crop of the online poker world busy in Melbourne, there was no shortage of excitement at the online tables either these last few days. Patpatman had finished last week as the biggest winner and he kept the pedal to the metal this week too. He logged 5,442 hands and took down $459k thus far. He nearly managed to clinch the biggest winner of the week title yet again, unfortunately for him though, Jens Kyllonen had different plans: he beat him to the finish line by a measly $247. He played loads more hands than his rival too: he logged 13,419 hands. The other winners of the week were Ronny Kaiser, Davin Georgi and Rafi Amit. Phil Galfond, another major winner last week, tried his best to get onto the winners’ list too, but this time his best just wasn’t enough. He dropped $678.4k, becoming the biggest loser of the week. His small disaster made him the biggest aggregate loser of the year too.

While he didn’t exactly make the biggest winners of the week list, Niklaus Heineckerragen dominated the NL Holdem action on Thursday. He found a great opponent in Sander Berdsen, whom he fleeced of about $200k in about 1k hands. Needless to say, the largest pots of the confrontation ended up in Heineckerragen’s possession, and that included the two largest pots of the session.
Blom swung into action on Sunday, taking about $251k from VietRussian. The above mentioned record setting pot came from 1Il|1Il|1il|, who dropped a $355,195 monster to the Swede.
Sander Berndsen and Fake Love888 (thought to be Patrik Antonius) joined Galfond on the losers’ list, together with VietRussian.

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