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The Poker Grapevine – Patrik Antonius Turns to Junk Food

Posted by: Jo Martin - Tue, 2012-01-31 16:16

The Poker Grapevine – Patrik Antonius Turns to Junk Food

When one thinks about Patrik Antonius, chances are he/she won’t associate the Finn poker pro with junk food on any level. After all, Antonius looks healthy and fit and he obviously has an image to uphold which he’s quite adept at. One would much rather think of him as the face of a gym than that of a fast food chain and yet the notoriously healthy eater isn’t temptation-free either when it comes to Big Macs. He isn’t tempted by the fatty goodness though, but rather by what he can get his hands on by accepting a burger-eating challenge.

The Crown Casino is Melbourne managed to secure two tickets to the Djokovic-Nadal Australian Open final and when Antonius heard about them, he immediately inquired about what it would take him to get those coveted ticks. Natasha Stipanov, the media manager of the Crown Casino and temporary possessor of the said tickets, being aware of Antonius keen feeding habits, told him he could get them in exchange for gobbling down 3 Big Macs. Unable to resist the temptation, Antonius made quick work of the 3 hamburgers, jokingly stating that he would’ve been up to ingesting 2 more of the fat-dripping fast-food monstrosities without problems.
His taste-buds thusly tickled, Antonius may take to eating burgers on a regular basis yet, but we wouldn’t bet a rusty nickel on it nonetheless.

In other news: PokerStars’ 72 billionth hand has barely been surpassed and the site is already looking ahead to the promotions and special offers surrounding its 75 billionth hand. The site has projected the milestone hand for the next two weeks. What’s already known about the eventual winner of the hand is that he/she will be at least $20k richer when it’s all said and done.
Around $1 million shall be given away in various prizes during the promotions which will mark the 75 billionth hand and there will be about 300 winners.

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