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The Poker Grapevine – No Federal Poker Law This Year

Posted by: James Carter - Sun, 2012-02-19 15:59

The Poker Grapevine – No Federal Poker Law This Year

The prospects of federally legalized online poker were rather bright at the beginning of the year, but after barely a month and a half, they may have received a fatal blow: according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, federal level online poker legislation has pretty much lost the chance to be considered this year. Before the payroll tax extension bill was signed last week, there were hopes that an online poker bill may be attached to it, but Harry Reid was quick to lay those rumors to rest. Of course, there may also be a dose of wishful thinking on the part of the Las Vegas Review Journal in stating that federally legalized online poker is dead for the year. After all, such a turn of events would certainly benefit Nevada in more ways than one actually. Online poker has been legalized in the state and while no concrete stats are yet known, it seems like 13 would-be operators have already applied for a license.
In 2012, several other states are expected to pass Nevada-like online poker bills. Iowa, California and New Jersey are mulling similar bills and there may be other states that would also legalize online poker under the Nevada umbrella, meaning that they would allow Nevada-licensed entities to operate in their jurisdictions. While there are several interest groups (including that of the native tribes) calling for federal legalization, for the time being, it seems like they won’t get a piece of the online gambling/poker pie.

In other news: may be looking to unload the Ongame network which they have recently acquired. The reason for the apparently imminent transaction is the presence of a potentially solid buyer: Shuffle Master.
Gavin Isaacs of Shuffle Master has apparently said that his company was in a position to acquire other companies, but they were not looking to spend a lot of money in one place.

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