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Absolute Poker Tournaments

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Hit hard by the Black Friday indictments, Absolute Poker and UB have had their funds blocked in various offshore accounts by the DoJ. Due to that fact, combined with the general lack of reliability of the two Cereus sites, we no longer recommend that you deposit and play at Absolute Poker and UB. We can no longer guarantee the safety of player deposits headed their way.
If you’re interested in playing on similar caliber sites, we recommend Bodog and bwin poker.
Absolute Poker offers many poker tournaments every day. Here at PokerStop.com’s Absolute Poker Tournaments page we’ve compiled the full list of Absolute Poker’s tournament schedule. There are many different types of tournaments to play – MTT (multi table tournaments), SNG (Sit and Go), heads up and more. Absolute Poker has thousands of tournament players and excellent poker traffic.

The tourney schedule updates in real time so the highest tournament listed is soonest to start. Each tournament listing (row) contains the following details:

Date and Time - The time and date the tournament starts. Choose your local time zone (GMT, EET or ET) and the tournament times will adjust to it, giving you a better indication of the tournament’s actual start time.
Games - Poker tournaments are available for several poker games including Texas Hold’em (most popular), Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, and Razz.
Type - Most poker tournaments are NL (No Limit) but other types of tournaments are also available: Fixed Limit (FL) and Pot Limit (PL).
Prize Pool - This is the total sum of all the tournament’s prizes. Normally, payout structures are affected by the size of the prize pool, so the higher the prize pool, the more players will get paid. Many tournaments are ‘guaranteed’ meaning that no matter how many players register to the tournament, the prize pool will decrease.
Buy-in - Every tournament has a buy-in fee, of which the majority goes to fund the prize pool, and the rest is paid to the poker room. Some tournaments have zero buy-in and are called Freerolls. Freerolls are the best poker tournaments for new players as there is no risk but there’s a prize to be won. Other tournaments may require buy-ins that comprise of points earned through playing poker games at the poker room.


* Choose your local time zone:

Name Date Time Games Type Prize Pool Buy-in  
Catch a Pro $1K Freeroll Today 19:00 Hold'em NL -- $0
Pokahlv $50 added Tomorrow 13:00 Hold'em NL $5,000 $100
Pokerspace Cash Added Buy-in Tomorrow 18:00 Hold'em NL $20,000 $1000
GFN BOUNTY Tomorrow 20:30 Hold'em NL $5,000 $500
WED HIGH ROLLER $150K GTD Tomorrow 20:30 Hold'em NL -- $100000
Sniper $80K GTD - SEBOK Tomorrow 21:00 Hold'em NL $20,000 $20000

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* Time Zones:
ET - Eastern Time (GMT -5)
EET - Eastern Europe Time (GMT +2)
CET - Central Europe Time (GMT +1)
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time