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Updated Sat, 2015-10-03 08:58

$20k Offered by Carbon Poker Through Last Man Standing

Carbon Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
2000% up to $5000

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US Accepted
250x300-ignition-poker-bonus.jpg Carbon Poker's Last Man Standing - as its names makes it quite clear - is a poker endurance promotion, spanning the length of the month of October. It kicked off on October 1, so it is already in full swing indeed. It is set to last 30 days and in the end, prizes out of a pool of more than $20k will be awarded. Taking part in the promotion is easy: all one has to do is to play in real money cash games and tournaments, generating Player Points. These points will be tracked and the goal is to be as consistent as possible. Players are required to "activate" the promotion manually in their Player Admin interface.
It is also recommended for those who take part to check back daily to make sure they are indeed hitting the promotional goals.
Sign up to Carbon Poker and take advantage of their Last Man Standing promotion in October. Rack up those Player Points and walk away with the goods in the end!

The way the endurance aspect of the promotion works is quite unique: the daily required Player Point totals start off small: on October 1 for instance, one only needed to generate 100 such points - a piece of cake really. The required totals then climb: on October 5 for instance, 200 points are needed. The longer one holds out and keeps fulfilling the requirement, the bigger the following day's requirements get: on October 20 for instance, this requirement will be set to 1.5k points. On the last promotional day, those who have managed to hold out will be required to generate 25k points. The 25 players who hold out the longest (drop out of the race the latest by failing to fulfill a set requirement) will be rewarded with cash prizes totaling $20,350.
The winner - the player who holds out the longest - walks away with $5k. Second place is worth $3k, while third place grabs some $2k. 25th place - the last paying position - is worth $100.
Winners won't have to wait much to get their hands on the money: the cash prizes will find their way to those who have earned them within 24 hours following the conclusion of the promotion.
If multiple players happen to bow out of the promotional race on the same day, their prizes will be added up and then divided equally among them.
Play at Carbon Poker where consistency is now better rewarded than ever. If you're a high-volume player, you shouldn't miss out on this promotion.

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