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Poker Odds Calculators - Article

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In order to make money at the poker table, it is obvious that you need to secure some sort of an edge over your opponents. That’s the only way you’ll be able to secure some EV+ and playing without EV+ is a pure waste of time and possibly money, so the edge is a must. How you secure that edge, through rakeback, through strategy or rather through a combination of the two and other factors is your business, however you might want to know that there’s an extremely convenient way to make sure that you have a mathematical advantage over your opponents: through Poker odds calculators.

Odds calculators are sold or offered for free online. Depending on how complex the software is, it’ll help you draw a multitude of conclusions from the variables you feed into it and from the statistics it keeps.

Playing mathematically sound poker is not easy. If you read my previous two articles, you’ve probably achieved a basic understanding of the mechanism at work. While at a live table where play is much slower, you may have the time to run the calculus through your mind, but in online poker, where the action is lightning fast, you need instant results and instant help.

On top of the actual in-play help that they provide, poker odds calculators offer you other functions as well. They keep statistics for you, and more importantly they help you make heads and tails of those statistics.

One can never underestimate the importance and the usefulness of a good poker odds calculator. One of the steps you need to go through in order to turn your poker play into a profitable activity is to track your actions. By taking a look at the statistics and comparisons offered by your poker odds calculator, you’ll be able to detect leaks in your game and you’ll be able to move towards plugging those leaks up.

Some of the information acquired this way goes way beyond plugging leaks up and simply improving the strategy aspect of your game: it allows you to optimize the time an the effort you invest into your online poker venture.

Let’s say you’re a winning player and you’re dominating $1/$2. Your bankroll grows nicely and the time to move up the limits comes. You continue your winning ways on the new limit you play on, but thanks to your poker odds calculator, you realize that your hourly rate has actually plummeted when compared to your old limit performance. That means one thing: you’re wasting precious time and energy on the new limits despite still being a winner, and maybe you should contemplate a move back to your old limits.

Poker trackers and poker odds calculators really do work. Just make sure you pick a serious one up and that you do not end up getting scammed by some internet scam artist.

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