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Learn Texas Hold’em - eBook

eBook-banner.gif The eBook is meant to make you familiar with the basics of the game of poker in general, and Texas Hold’em poker in particular: its rules and the basic strategy concepts involved. Hold’em is extremely easy to learn, but it is almost infinitely difficult to master. In order to be a good poker player, you need to master the mathematical side of the game as well as the psychological and strategic one.

PokerStop's eBook covers Texas Hold’em rules in detail, and corroborate them with strategy every step of the way. Learn about position, about cash-game and tournament strategy, about different player types (tight, passive, loose, aggressive) about pot odds and the basic math behind them. Reading the following eBook will certainly make you a better player, but remember, in order to truly improve, you need to put in many hours and days of play, because nothing substitutes experience when it comes to Texas Hold’em.

Click here to download the free Texas Hold'em poker strategy eBook.

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