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Updated Sat, 2015-08-29 04:57

BetOnline Poker's MTT Leaderboard

BetOnline Poker Promotion

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bet online Poker US For those looking for leaderboard racing, BetOnline is definitely the dream destination. The site has so many leaderboards running one will find it difficult to keep proper track of all the action and of all the leaderboard rewards handed out. One such leaderboard is the MTT leaderboard race, which rewards players for the action they generate at the site's multi table tournaments. In order to further facilitate MTT play, the site has introduced a few new guaranteed prize-pool events that are certain to draw in tournament players by the droves. The MTT leaderboard promotion features three stakes-based categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Bronze category is obviously the cheapest, including events between the $0.05-$0.99 buy-in levels. The Silver category is about MTTs in the $1-$9.99 range. The Gold category is for the well-bankrolled crowd, featuring events above the $10 buy-in level. In the above said classification, the buy-ins as well as the tournament fees are included.
Sign up to BetOnline Poker now and play in their MTTs for generous guaranteed prize-pools as well as for the chance to earn additional rewards through their leadeboard promotion.

There are some MTTs excluded from the promotion: freerolls are obviously among these, together with play money MTTs and satellites. To make a long story short, all the tournaments with a real money buy-in and payout qualify for the promotional goals.
What exactly does one earn through the MTT leaderboard promotion though? The top 100 finishers in every one of the above said 3 categories earn the right to play in a special leaderboard tournament, which is scheduled for September 2. The prize-pool for the Bronze version of this tournament is $500, for the Silver one it's $1k and for the Gold one it's $2k. The format of these tournaments is a freeze-out one. If a player happens to race in several categories and wins in more than one, then he/she will only play in the higher-tier leaderboard tournament.
How exactly are the leaderboard points (on which the rankings are based) calculated though? The site uses a somewhat intricate algorithm in this respect, which takes the size of the buy-in into consideration, together with the finishing position of the player, as well as the initial number of registrants. The larger and more expensive MTT one plays in, and the higher he/she finishes, the more leaderboard points he/she will rack up.
The race is reset every month, so every month there are 100 winners in each category.
BetOnline Poker is the best destination for leaderboard promotions. Register an account now and start playing!

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