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Updated Mon, 2015-05-25 06:54

Game, Set and Match Missions at bwin Poker

bwin Poker Promotion

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100% up to $500

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bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif May 24, 2015 marks the start of bwin Poker's tennis-based promotion, the Game, Set and Match Missions. As part of the promotion, players stand to win MTT tickets, SNG tickets, as well as a $100 bonus. In order to take part in the promotion, players are required to register manually, at the promotion's page at the bwin poker website. The promotion wraps up on June 7, 2015, so there is indeed still plenty of time to get the ball rolling in this one. There are a total of 19 promotional missions, some of them Singles Missions, which allow players to win up to $70 in bonuses, some of them Doubles Missions, which offer a number of handsome daily rewards.
This is how the promotion works: players can start Singles Missions or Doubles Missions by going to the Profile section in their bwin Poker client, and then heading to the Missions section. By clicking the "Start Mission" tab there, they can embark on the mission of their choice.
Sign up to bwin Poker right now, and try to get as much out of their Game, Set and Match missions as possible while there's still time. The clock is ticking!

Those who are already involved in a mission at the site will have to pause it before they can activate the new Game, Set and Match missions. In order to fulfill the mission requirements, all players will have to do is to register for the SNG or MTT called for by the mission to get the ball rolling. Each individual mission is valid for 24 hours only: players are required to complete it during that period. All Singles Missions have independent objectives, so one can in fact be engaged in completing two such missions at the same time. The Doubles Missions on the other hand are linked: both missions have to be completed in order for the reward to be secured.
The promotion is open to all bwin Poker players, new and existing alike. The Singles Missions will take place during the first week of the promotion, giving players the possibility to take down a total of $70 in release-restricted bonus money.
The second promotional week is all about the Doubles Missions. During this promotional period, only SNGs (single- and multi-table) are eligible for fulfilling the missions. All mission objectives have to be fulfilled at real money regular tables.
Play at bwin Poker and get in on the tennis-focused Game, Set and Match missions to take down that extra-sweet bonus money!

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