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Updated Mon, 2015-08-31 11:21

Grab Your POP Points at BetOnline Poker!

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bet online Poker US Every online poker room out there runs a loyalty scheme, which is about rewarding their players with points that they can then use up for various purposes and perks, like tournament buy-ins and other promotional knick-knacks. Good players know all too well the value in such loyalty deals as such rewards equal a direct rebate on the rake that they pay at the real money tables.
BetOnline Poker's loyalty points are the POP points. What exactly are these POP points and how are they earned? The POP points are awarded for real money cash and tournament action and they can be used to buy into a number of select tournaments as well as for bonus turn-overs. When they engage in real money games, players pay rake (if they play in cash games) or tournament fees (in the case of MTTs and SNGs). As far as cash game action is concerned: for every 10 cents contributed in poker rake, players are rewarded with 1 POP point.
Sign up to BetOnline Poker now and take advantage of their POP points-scheme to get extra value on the rake/tournament fees that you pay!

The rake calculation method used by BetOnline Poker is the contributed rake method, which means that players' individual contributions to the pot are what determine the amount of credit they get for the resulting rake. In a 5-handed situation, with a $50 pot, with every player contributing equally, that would result in 5 $10 contributions, With the rake at 5.5%, that would translate to 55 cents per player, which means that everyone would get exactly 5.5 POP points.
In the case of tournament action, the calculus is even simpler: for every $1 paid out in tournament fees, players gain 10 POP points. If one was to buy into a $10+$1 tournament, as soon as the action got going, everyone playing would get 10 POP points.
Players' POP point totals are available all the time in the lobby, on the right side. It usually takes the site 24 hours to update the POP point-count though.
Currently, POP points can be used for step SNGs as well as for the weekly $500 POP2cash tournaments which run every Friday.
While POP points do actually expire, they remain valid for a full year and a month, a period defined by the site as a "POP year".
Play at BetOnline Poker and take advantage of their superb promotions, all the while earning POP point rewards for the real money action that you generate.

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