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Updated Thu, 2015-09-24 09:28

It's Raining Bonuses at Bwin Poker!

bwin Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $500

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US Accepted
bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif Indeed it is...through the Casual Cash Games Challenge, players can grab bonuses worth as much as $100 every Monday. This is an ongoing promotion we're talking about, one that doesn't really expire until further notice. What exactly do players have to do to qualify for the promotion and to grab those bonuses? Nothing they wouldn't be doing otherwise: they just have to play in the Casual Cash Games and to collect points. To play in the Casual Cash Games, players can just check out the cash game lobby. The tables with a smiley CCG icon next to them are the Casual Cash Game ones. Casual Cash Games are only available at certain stakes and not across the board.
The size of the bonus players will pick up depends on the number of consecutive days they've logged at the real money Casual Cash Game tables and also on the amount of poker points they've earned each day.
Sign up to bwin Poker right now and hit those Casual Cash Game tables to collect your Monday bonuses.

What exactly does this mean in terms of raw numbers? A player who has generated 1 point, for 4 consecutive days, is entitled to a $5 bonus. The same player gets $10 if he/she manages to keep up the production for the entire 7-day week.
Those who earn 5 points every day for 4 days, get $15, while those who earn 5 points for 7 days get $20. Players who generate 25 points per day for 4 days are rewarded with $35. The same production kept up for 7 days is worth $40. 50 points per day for 4 days mean $45, while the same production over 7 days means $50.
The highest tier of the promotion calls for a production of 100 points per day. If one keeps this up for 4 days, he/she gets $75. If we're talking about 7 days under the same circumstances, the reward is $100 - the maximum.
There are obviously all sorts of questions begging to be asked here: what happens when one earns between 6 and 24 points for 4 days? In that case, the due bonus is $15. If someone earns 52 points for 4 days and then 1 point for three more days, the reward is $45 (and not $10 as it would be if he made 1 point per day for 7 days).
Play at bwin Poker, hit the cash game tables, generate points and pocket that due bonus come Monday!

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