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Updated Wed, 2014-11-26 07:20

Party Poker vs 888 Poker review, bonus -

Party Poker

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PartyPoker and 888poker are two online poker rooms which are in roughly the same weight-class: 888poker is the poker-side operation of one of the world's best-known sports-betting operators, while PartyPoker is associated with bwin, which is also a major sports-focused operation in Europe. The two sites draw comparable traffic volumes, and while both of them have made recent inroads into the regulated US online poker markets, none of them can directly offer games to US players. Here's a bit of a comparison between the two, a closer analysis which we hope will reveal which of the two sites is currently the better proposition for players.

Bonuses and Promotions
As far as the general quality of their promotions goes, PartyPoker and 888poker are once again neck and neck, as it's quite impossible to determine a clear winner in this respect. What does make a difference though is the size and quality of the sign-up bonus: PartyPoker have a $50 deal in place, which essentially amounts to a 100% match deal up to a $50 maximum. 888poker on the other hand, have an $88 deal, which is a no-deposit one too. All one has to do to lock up the bonus is to register an account. While such no deposit deals do indeed come with strings attached, 888poker's bonus deal is still way better.
Round 1 Result: 888poker wins

PartyPoker vs 888poker Software
As far as their software is concerned, the two sites are once again on rather even footings. Both software packages have undergone a number of recent updates and they both look as cutting-edge as it could get. While PartyPoker did have a number of in-house pros the services of whom it could count on to improve/fine tune its software, 888poker have managed to keep up. Both operators have struck up partnerships with various US brick and mortar companies and both of them have entered the markets of the US states where online poker has been legalized. Their results there suggest that they are quite each-others' equals too.
Round 2 Result: draw

PartyPoker vs 888poker Traffic
Traffic-wise, both sites are in the same ballpark, but PartyPoker seem to possess a bit of an edge. PartyPoker has around 9k players at its cash tables during peak hours, while that number is 2k for 888poker, and some 8k at the tournament tables. With that in mind, this bout goes to PartyPoker.
Round 3 Results: PartyPoker wins

PartyPoker vs 888poker Tournaments
Both sites have a more than decent regular tournament selection, but PartyPoker have a number of extremely attractive weekend majors, which just leave 888poker's offering in the dust. The highlight of the weekend majors selection is the $200k guaranteed, but there's also a $15k Super Bounty running. The total guarantees offered by PartyPoker in their tournaments exceed $15 million per month.
Round 4 results: PartyPoker wins

PartyPoker vs 888poker Ring Game Action
As far as the cash game action is concerned, the winner has to be PartyPoker yet again. Not only are there more cash game players at its tables, PartyPoker's cash game action is also admittedly juicier. Some attribute this to their generous affiliate program, which brings in scores of players – among them quite a few new – every day. The great thing about PartyPoker's cash games is that the soft competition is prevalent at stakes as high as $2/$4.
Round 5 Results: PartyPoker wins

PartyPoker vs 888poker Game selection
The game selection is about the same at both sites. There are no exotic poker variants on offer besides the usual Texas Holdem, Stud and Omaha games, which cover a relatively large range of betting structures. Most of the traffic is focused on the NL Holdem and PLO tables at both sites, and while the overall traffic volumes are better at PartyPoker, as far as game selection is considered solely, the bout has to be ruled a draw.
Round 6 results: Draw.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options
Both sites go out of their way to cover as many deposit and withdrawal options as they possibly can. Listing all the supported options here would take up a small page, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the purposes of this review either. Suffice to say that in this respect, the two sites are indeed on equal footings yet again, so there's not much we can do but proclaim this match-up a draw as well.
Round 7 Results: Draw

PartyPoker vs 888poker VIP Program
PartyPoker have been infamous for years for their convoluted VIP program. That issue has been taken care of though. Nowadays, PartyPoker players earn PartyPoints for the real money rake or tournament fees they pay, and their points balance is updated every time they exit a game. For every $1 paid out in tournament fees, 2 PartyPoints are earned. For cash game rake, the amount of PartyPoint awarded depends on the amount of money contributed.
888poker's loyalty program on the other hand is one of the best in the business. As soon as players sign up, they're automatically entered into the program. Status points and reward points are collected and the higher one's status is, the more reward points he/she stands to pick up.
Round 8 Results: 888poker wins

PartyPoker vs 888poker Support
Both sites have great support. PartyPoker can be contacted via email and via a selection of regional, toll-free phone numbers, while 888poker has live chat support too in addition to those options. PartyPoker's email support can be a bit tardy at times, as it may take as long as 12 hours to receive a reply.
Everything considered, 888poker wins this match-up.
Round 9 Results: 888poker wins.

Having drawn the bottom line, it is safe to say the two sites are punching in the same weight-class indeed. While PartyPoker enjoys a definite advantage traffic-wise, 888poker have a number of other small details better covered. The score according to the above comparison is 3-3, and it is indeed an accurate reflection of how the two poker rooms match up.