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Updated Wed, 2014-11-26 07:33

Party Poker vs PokerStars review, bonus -

Party Poker

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100% up to $50 + $50

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PartyPoker and PokerStars are two of the biggest online poker operators. A few years ago, PartyPoker was the biggest and most popular online poker room, but PokerStars overtook it and has since managed to dominate the market. While PartyPoker have fought their way back into the legalized nooks and crannies of the US market, PokerStars are not yet allowed to offer games to US players in any way. Here’s a breakdown of how the two online poker super-powers stack up against each-other.

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Bonus deals and promotions
As far as bonuses and promotions are concerned, both sites have taken a bit of a step back lately. PokerStars were never particularly generous with their sign-up bonus, simply because they weren’t quite as desperate as others to recruit new players, or because their prestige was enough to get players signed up. That hasn’t changed much: these days, PokerStars feature a $20 free bonus deal, which means that in order to grab the $20 bonus, players need to make a deposit of $20 or more. At PartyPoker, that bonus is a $50 one, or essentially a 100% match bonus, up to a maximum of $50. The minimum qualifying deposit there is $10. The line drawn, and the bonus redemption requirements taken into account, PartyPoker takes this one.
Round 1 Result: PartyPoker wins

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Software
The software that PartyPoker is currently using is a far cry from the days when the site was considered to be one of the old-timers with its rather obsolete software, straight from the golden age of 2004-2005. This PartyPoker software is an altogether different sort of animal, developed by professionals (and by that we mean professional poker players) and tested and re-tested by the site’s in-house team of pros. Everything considered though, in this respect, PokerStars is simply unbeatable. No one can even hope to match the resources that they’re able to put into their software, and the results speak for themselves. This round has to be awarded to PokerStars, despite a game showing by PartyPoker.
Round 2 Result: PokerStars wins

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Traffic
Now this category is where PokerStars can simply blow all competitors off the map, hands-down. Although PartyPoker have managed to take the regulated corners of the US market into their sights again, something that PokerStars have not yet been able to accomplish, PokerStars are present in just about every other regulated market world-over. No one can even hope to dethrone them in this respect any time soon.
Round 3 Results: PokerStars by a long-shot

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Tournaments
PokerStars has been THE destination for online poker tournaments for years now. Its weekend majors like the Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-Up as well as its various anniversary event-series are truly peerless in the industry. PokerStars is also the home of the best live event qualifiers, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the PokerStars cannot lose in this category. While PartyPoker do have decent tournament action, they cannot come near what PokerStars can offer in this respect.
Round 4 results: Again, PokerStars by a long-shot

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Ring Game Action
Strictly volume-wise, PokerStars’ cash game scene is better than PartyPoker’s, but when it comes to the quality of the action, PartyPoker take the laurels. The reason is that PartyPoker’s cash games – especially at the lower stakes where let’s face, it, all the rank-and-file crowd plays - are much fishier. This disparity is quite obvious at the higher stakes too, where professional players dominate the scene at PokerStars. At PartyPoker on the other hand, the higher stakes are much more down-to-earth, even though there are a number of successful players playing there as well.
Round 5 Results: PartyPoker by a hair

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Game selection
The game selection is great at both sites, but when it comes to actual traffic at the tables of the more exotic poker variants, PokerStars once again cannot be beaten. No other online poker room in existence – with PokerStars’ exception of course – can hope to generate decent liquidity at the Razz or Triple Draw Lowball tables for instance, on a consistent basis.
Round 6 results: Once again, PokerStars wins

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Deposit and Withdrawal Options
Both sites feature a number of attractive deposit and withdrawal options, but PartyPoker seem to be a tad further ahead of the curve in this respect than Pokerstars. Both sites support all the most popular deposit/withdrawal options, like Neteller, VISA, MasterCard and Click2Pay.
Round 7 Results: PartyPoker wins

PartyPoker vs PokerStars VIP Program
The VIP benefits are great at both sites, however, at PokerStars, reaching the top of the VIP ladder is a feat which doesn’t just come with bragging rights, but with some extreme benefits as well. With all that though, we like PartyPoker’s VIP setup better, because it’s just more down-to-earth. At PokerStars, the VIP ladders are dominated by professionals and even within this category, by grinders who are well capable of setting world records. At PartyPoker, the situation in this respect is a little more lax, although the requirements have to be fulfilled just the same…
Round 8 Results: : PartyPoker wins

PartyPoker vs PokerStars Support
As far as support goes, both sites are top-notch. Obviously, at this level, they simply cannot afford not to offer their players the very best. PokerStars’ support is award-winning and indeed spot-on every time, but it is only available through email (contact form). While their response times are great indeed, nothing can really match the instant help offered by live chat or phone support. Everything considered, we’ll have to say we liked PartyPoker’s live chat support more…
Round 9 Results: PartyPoker wins

US players won’t be able to play at PartyPoker proper or at PokerStars either, so in this respect, there are no winners in this contest. As far as the score is concerned, as you can see above it turned out 5-4 for PartyPoker, but in all honesty, we couldn’t really decide which site to declare the winner. PartyPoker has some tasty details going for it, while the player liquidity, the game selection and the quality of the software are unbeatable at PokerStars. We’ll have to declare this bout a draw…

Final Score:
PokerStars: 4
PartyPoker: 5