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Updated Wed, 2015-05-06 14:50

PartyPoker's Game of the Month: Boomerang Tournaments

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Regardless of how great PartyPoker's regular tournaments are, and regardless of how much they hand out in guaranteed prizes, for those who have been grinding away at the site's tables for years, things do get repetitive and boring after a while. That's exactly the reason why every now and then, online poker rooms come up with a new tournament format: to keep their players engaged, entertained and interested in making new deposits in order to play. PartyPoker have taken this strategy to an entirely new level: every month, they feature a "game of the month" which comes in an exotic format. For the month of May, the game of the month is the Boomerang Tournament. What's so special about these Boomerang events? They essentially tamper with the blind-levels: the time between the blinds is built up, till it all boomerangs back to the beginning. Indeed, in order to cope with this issue, players will have to play smarter than usual and those who can't keep up will obviously pay the price, to the benefit of those who can.
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Every day, there are no fewer than three Boomerang tournaments running, each of them featuring a different buy-in and of course, a different guarantee as well. Playing in the events is simple: one has to navigate his way to the GOTM tournaments in the tournaments section of the room and buy in directly. There is no other way. According to PartyPoker, the Boomerang games are especially suited to tactically well-endowed players, who enjoy the challenge of an entirely new game-format. In order to win, one simply has to make headway in the tournament the old-fashioned way.
The first daily Boomerang tournament kicks off at 13:45 ET, and it features a $2 buy-in. This is the cheapest one of the lot, and the least generous too: its guarantee tips the scale at $50.
The most expensive and generous Boomerang tournament of the day is the 15:30 ET one (the second one of the day), which comes with a $10 buy-in, featuring a guarantee of $250.
The last Boomerang event of the day gets going at 19:15 ET. With a $5 buy-in, this one represents the middle road. Its guarantee is $100, not too much, but not too little either.
Register an account at PartyPoker now, or make a new deposit if you already have an account there and start playing in their daily Boomerang events: it's well worth it.

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