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Updated Wed, 2015-04-15 13:51

PartyPoker's Game of the Month: Bustouts

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Bounty tournaments have always been popular simply because they add another dimension to the game: players don't have to actually battle their way through to the end, needing to pull off quite a number of lucky moves to get there. In a bounty tournament, if one manages to knock out another player, he/she will be rewarded for it. The more KOs one registers, the more money he/she will lock up. With PartyPoker's Game of the Month: Bustouts promotion, players will get the chance to engage in this sort of action, with a number of other perks: the speed of these games is hyper-turbo and the buy-ins are extremely cheap. The buy-ins cover the $2-$10 range, making these tournaments extremely affordable indeed. There are regular prize-pools in the Bustouts too of course, and those who make it to the top will earn money this old-fashioned way too, in addition to the bounty-money they collect by denying others the same path.
Sign up to PartyPoker right now, or make a re-deposit, reactivate your account and hit the Bustouts tournaments for a bit of quick and cheap bounty action!

How can one get into these Bustouts though? There's only one way in currently, and that's direct buy-in. The good news is however that these poker tournaments are not only cheap, they're also readily available, with several of them running every single day during the promotional period (which -- according to PartyPoker - is this month). Every day, the first of these events kicks off at 13:45 ET. This one costs $5 to enter (bounties and tournament fees included) and it offers a guaranteed prize-pool of $250.
The second one runs from 14:30 ET and it costs just $2 (all other expenses included). This one features a guarantee of $100, being the cheapest of the bunch.
The third daily Bustout event runs from 15:15 ET, featuring a $10 buy-in and a guarantee of $500.
Now then, while the structure of the Bustouts is indeed interesting and attractive, these tournaments aren't really for high-rolling sharks or hardcore grinders. They're admittedly targeted at those looking for a quick and fun game, which offers some extra rewards. The Boustouts are exclusive to PartyPoker: this tournament format isn't currently available anywhere else.
If you're looking to get duly rewarded for the knockouts you score and if you're not exactly what one would call a "tournament specialist", the Bustouts are definitely for you.
Join PartyPoker now and while at it, take a look at some of the other promotions they have running as well.

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