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Updated Thu, 2015-07-09 04:19

PartyPoker's UK Team Challenge

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PartyPoker's Team Challenge, aimed at UK-based players is a breath of fresh air promotions-wise, encouraging team play and making it possible for participants to grab a share of up to $100k. How exactly does the Team Challenge work? Those who want to participate have to begin by finding a few friends. Maximum team size is 4 players, and it is obviously better to have 4 players than 3 playing away. All teams have to be registered. The current prize-pool of the promotion is £30k, but as more teams are registered, the prize-pool increases as well. For every 1,000 teams registered, some £70k is added to the prize-pool, which is obviously a rather significant chunk of change. The action-part of the promotion kicks off on August 1: this is when players can begin playing in the Daily Dusk Till Dawn majors to earn the chips that will eventually land them in the Live Final.
Sign up to PartyPoker right now, play in their Dusk Till Dawn daily majors through August and hit the Live Final with your poker buddies.

The Live Final takes place in October (on October 17-18 to be precise) and it will be hosted by the Dusk Till Dawn poker club. In order to get into the Final, teams will have to accumulate 250k chips. The chips earned by qualifying teams shall be divided among their members. Every team's final finishing spot will be decided based on its members' individual finishing positions. The Live Final will be the stage where the number of paying places shall be announced. Of the resulting prize-pool, 80% will be paid out based on team standings and the remaining 20% based on individual standings, so the bottom line is that this is indeed a very team-oriented competition through and through.
The individual player position will still be important however, above and beyond prize-pool sharing considerations. It will actually impact players' Star Player standings, which will be announced at the Live Final as well.
If there are less than 100 teams participating in the promotion, the prize-pool will remain at £30k. If more than 100 register, the prize-pool will climb to £35k. If there are more than 200 teams, the prize-pool will be £40k and so on. For every batch of 100 additional teams, £5k is added to a maximum of £100k as said above.
Team registration is available at the PartyPoker website.
Sign up to PartyPoker now, get your friends to sign up to, register your team and take a shot at big-time money.

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