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Updated Sat, 2014-05-24 08:53

Play at Bwin Poker and Go to the Roskilde Music Festival

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bwin-300x250_poker_bonus.gif Bwin’s poker players get the chance this May/June to earn an 8-day ticket to the Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s most popular summer music festivals. Taking place in Denmark, the Roskilde Festival kicks off on June 29, it wraps up on July 6, and it’s needless to say that all those who like to live wild and free should be there.
Bwin’s Roskilde Festival promotional period has already kicked off (on May 19) but there’s still plenty of time to qualify for everyone, since the last promotional day is June 8. What exactly is the object of the promotion? Simple: use the online qualifiers at the site to make your way into the Party Nights Final and take down your 8-day Roskilde Festival package. In order to do that, you will have to win the final of course, but if you fail to do that and finish at the final table, you’ll still be rewarded with a Sony gadget.
Sign up to Bwin poker right now and take your shot at the 8-day Roskilde Festival package, by qualifying for the Party Nights Final!

What exactly do players have to do to qualify for the final though? By simply making a deposit, they’ll be able to secure up to 5 Party Nights tickets. Another ticket can be secured by playing at least 50 cash game hands within the 7 days preceding the start of the final. There are also daily points qualifiers (costing only 5 poker points) as well as daily freerolls.
As said above, the winner of the final will pick up a Roskilde package, which consists of 2 tickets, as well as $500 for travel expenses.
The runner-up in the final will walk away with a Sony Experia i1 smartphone, while third place will be rewarded with a 14” Sony Fit E Series notebook. The 4th place finisher will be rewarded with a 16GB WIFI Tablet. The last player to pick up a Sony gadget prize will be the occupant of the 10th spot, whose prize will be a Sony 3D Blu-Ray player.

Another way to a Roskilde package leads through the Roskilde Mission, which features a set of objectives that players need to fulfill. The first objective is to play at least 256 hands of poker. Players then have to increase their stacks by 100% and they have to win 8 SNG tournaments. Scoring 43 eliminations in various tournaments is the last accomplishment to check off. Those who complete this challenge will get a ticket to the Last Chance Roskilde Tournament.
Open a Bwin Poker account right now and complete the Roskilde Mission! You still have plenty of time to make it to the Last Chance tournament.

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