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Updated Fri, 2015-07-31 15:34

Play at PartyPoker and Rack up those Points through their Happy Hours

Party Poker Promotion

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Happy Hour promotions are relatively commonplace in the online poker industry: they offer players the opportunity to earn more loyalty rewards and they are usually quite successful at accomplishing what they set out to accomplish: to get active players to hit the tables. PartyPoker have taken this basic concept and they have pushed it to an entirely new level. In fact, when we're talking about this promotion in PartyPoker's version, we should say Happy Hours instead of Happy Hour, because there are no fewer than 3 such hours running at the site every day.
The greatest thing about the Happy Hours is the fact that one doesn't have to do anything special to take part in the promotion and to rack up extra value. All players have to do is to play in their favorite games during set hours each day and they're essentially in.
Sign up to PartyPoker right now and use their Happy Hours to stock up on those poker points!

When exactly are these Happy Hours running? The first one kicks off at 6:00 CET and it wraps up at 7:00. The second one takes place between 17:00 and 18:00 CET, while the third one kicks off at 23:00 CET, wrapping up at 00:00 CET.
Exactly how many extra points one is able to rack up depends on one's loyalty level. Bronze status players, who represent the very bottom of the pile, get 20% more points, up to a maximum of 10 points.
For Silver-level players, the situation is considerably more advantageous: they get 25% more points during the Happy Hours, up to a maximum of 40 points.
Gold players pick up 30% more points, up to a maximum of 75 points, while Palladium players are rewarded with 40% more points, up to 125 points.
Obviously, only real money players take part in the promotion. Play money games do not award points toward this promotion. The points earned through the Happy Hours promotion do not count towards bonus redemption, nor will they contribute to increasing loyalty levels. As said above, the amount of extra points earned is directly proportional with players loyalty levels. For this purpose, the loyalty levels at the start of the promotional session will be considered. The site's Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions apply for the Happy Hours promotion too, in addition to the above said conditions.
Play at PartyPoker and make use of the Happy Hours to boost your poker points. Join now and hit the tables!

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