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Updated Sat, 2011-11-05 06:33

Play Texas Holdem for Money at BetOnline Poker for Big Bucks

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Of the online poker sites, BetOnline Poker may have the most attractive tournament opportunities around. BetOnline Poker offers not only $150k guaranteed prize pools, but also hit & run tournaments.

Good on line poker sites aren’t just about the welcome bonus, but rather can be assessed by what they offer all of its members all of the time. For those of us who like to play on line poker for money, we are always looking for regular and reliable ways to play, and good opportunities. At BetOnline Poker these opportunities come in a number of ways.

Each month BetOnline Poker offers its members $150k in guaranteed prize pool tournaments. Folks who like to play online poker for money will note that this is a substantial amount of cash, and the news just getting better. Rather than putting this large sum into one pot, the on line poker site distributes this prize pool over several tournaments spanning the month, meaning that every play will be able to compete for a part of this prize pool. That’s not all however, whilst we may like to play texas holdem for money, we don’t always necessarily want to pay for it. The $150k guaranteed prize pool tournaments at BetOnline Poker can be entered not just through cash buy-ins but also through promo bucks.

If you’re interested in the option to play texas holdem for money at no cost to yourself, then you might also be interested in the hit & run freeroll tournaments at BetOnline Poker.  Whether you want to build your bankroll, or simply like getting something for nothing, you’ll find that the hit & run freeroll tournaments will give you just what you’re after. The on line poker site runs these freeroll tournaments every day throughout the day and whilst they are of course free to enter, you can expect to walk away with more than the majority of freerolls offer, as most of them have rebuys and add-ons.


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