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Poker Bonus Whoring – Which Games Should You Play For Optimal Bonus Redemption?

It is possible to clear your bonus playing just about any limit, but then again, as a bonus hunter you need to keep things as optimal as possible, so you need to play on the perfect limits. The best limit for bonus whoring hustlers like yourself is the $1/$2 Fixed Limit. Some poker rooms will allow you to clear your bonus as efficiently on $0.5/$1 tables too, but generally speaking, you should go for the $1/$2 ones. NL Holdem tables are theoretically game too, however they have a disadvantage that will prompt you to think twice: they’re more difficult to multi-table than FL ones.

In order to clear your bonuses with the required haste (the faster you do it, the better hourly earning rate you attain and at the end of the day, the hourly earning rate is what it all comes down to), you will need to play at several tables in the same time. Make sure your poker room supports mini views and resizable tables, because such features will make multi-tabling easier for you.
As a successful bonus hunter, you should play at 5 $1/$2 tables in the same time, but playing at 10 will only further optimize your performance. Multi-tabling is not easy, but it’s mostly about getting used to, there’s little additional information that you have to master.

Make sure you’re comfortable playing the number of tables you decide to play on. You shouldn’t throw money out the window just to play as many raked hands per hour as possible. Start out with two tables, then gradually open up more as you get comfortable.
6 handed tables are what you should look for, as they give you better odds on your starting hands than 10-handed ones, and they do make for a faster gameplay too.

How much profit should you expect through bonus whoring?

When you bonus whore, the hourly rate is the only true measure of your efficiency. You will be able to turn a buck even if you are a losing or a break even player, thanks to the bonuses you’ll be unlocking, but your aim is to be a winning player plus unlock bonuses efficiently. If you become a 2BB/100 player at the $1/$2 6 handed tables, you’ll be making around $20/hour just playing there, provided the software that the poker room provides can keep up with your pace.
You’ll be making $4 on every 100 hands that you play, and you’ll be playing at 5 tables. Remember that these calculations are purely theory rooted, but they’re accurate enough to show you the potential of your enterprise.
If you have a $100 sign up bonus with a 700 raked hands redemption requirement, you’ll be making an additional $30/hour on account of your bonus, on top of the $20 you’re already making. You’ll be making the additional $30, because you’ll be playing 100 hands/hour at 5 tables, which amounts to 500 hands. Not all these hands will be raked though, so it’ll take approximately 3 hours for you to reach the 700 raked hands threshold.

$50/hour is a realistic number you should aim for when bonus hunting. Sure, in the beginning, when your multi tabling skills do not allow you to play 5 tables, you won’t be able to reach this number. Some poker rooms offer weaker bonuses, or slower software which will further reduce your hourly earning rate.
It is for his reason that you need to learn to assess bonus offers properly, and to make sure that the poker room you sign up to does indeed support multi tabling.

Rakeback compared to bonus whoring.

In order to assess how rakeback squares up against bonus whoring, we need to take a look at an example.
At a $1/$2 6-handed table, the rake paid for 3,000 hands is about $180. The average rakeback deal comes in at around 30%, which is $54. Now then, if you’re bonus whoring, by playing 3,000 raked hands (you need to play raked hands for rakeback too), you’ll be unlocking about $300 in bonuses. Obviously, bonus whoring does appear to be more lucrative than rakeback, but don’t be taken by the appearances.

While rakeback might pay less, signing up for a deal makes sense anyway because it doesn’t really take a significant effort on your part to set up the deal, and however much it yields, it will come in on top of your winnings and money obtained through bonus redemption. Most poker rooms which offer rakeback, offer sign-up bonuses as well, so yes, you should do both rakeback and bonus hunting from the very beginning.

At higher limits, ($5/$10 or $10/$20) rakeback becomes a significant revenue stream. Never play on such limits without a rakeback deal.
One more thing about rakeback: unlike sign-up bonuses it never expires and it can never be redeemed entirely.

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