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The Squeeze Play

Up to now, in two previous articles, we’ve defined two concepts – the Gap Concept and the Sandwich Effect – which help to clarify the situational requirements of getting involved in multi-player pots. Now that we've accomplished that, let’s see how we can use them to our advantage with a powerful move called the "Squeeze Play."

Let’s say there is an early raiser followed by a caller ahead of you. You, in late position, can now make a re-raise, and – because of the Sandwich Effect – the original raiser is caught in a squeeze.

Why is he caught in a squeeze? You have shown significant strength by re-raising and could very well have him beaten. And if the original raiser considers calling to see a flop, he still has to deal with the caller in middle position, who – for all the original raiser knows – might have been trapping with a strong hand and could very well put in another re-raise.

In these circumstances, the original raiser would need a monster hand to stick around in this pot, and will more often than not just decided to fold his hand.

Now let’s examine the middle-position caller’s situation. He's out of position against you, a re-raiser who has demonstrated great strength. Once again, he needs something very strong to contemplate calling and will very likely throw his hand away.

It’s important to recognize that before the flop in a multi-player pot, there are certain circumstances which will raise the minimum starting hand requirement that players have in order to get involved in the pot. Once you recognize such situations, you can make moves to capitalize on them.

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