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The Beast Roars in January at Americas Cardroom

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Through January, Americas Cardroom are looking to boost their flagship rake race, The Beast, handing out tons of extra value. The Beast Roars promotion kicks off on January 3, barely into the New Year, and it wraps up on January 30, at the end of the month. How can one further augment a promotion which already provides so much value? Simple: by tossing more money at it. The extra sum we’re talking about in this instance is a handsome $20k, which goes into the Beast prize-pool. Because the Beast consists of 4 different weekly races, and because the $20k extra goes into the prize-pool on a weekly basis as well, we’re talking about $80k in added value, which is a handsome chunk of change indeed.
How does one take part in the promotion though? By simply playing away at the cash game tables. Players are automatically entered into the Beast, so essentially all they have to do is to make sure they put in a large enough volume of action to become contenders. The promotion is launched automatically at the beginning of each of the 4 promotional periods, and the extra money is added automatically as well. All comers - new players as well as existing ones – qualify for the promotion, all they have to do is play.
Sign up to Americas Cardroom right now and hit their cash game tables. Put in enough volume to be a leader board contender, and take home some of the extra money offered by The Beast in January.

How exactly is the weekly prize-pool divided though? The winner of one of the weekly leader boards would’ve taken home an average projected payout of $4.42k. With the $1k tossed in on the side though, the payout projection is some $5.24k. The second-place finisher will thusly walk away with about $3.21k, while the 3rd place man gets $2.3k. A total of 20 players will be paid each week, and the very last one of them (the 20th place finisher) will get about $1.2k with the added money. This is in fact where the added prize-money makes the most difference: towards the bottom of the qualifying leader-board. Without the new deal, 20th place would only be worth some $276. The bottom line: playing in the cash games at Americas Cardroom has never made more sense than right now. If you ever wanted to give grinding a go, this is your opportunity!
Sign up to Americas Cardroom and get those cash tables rolling. The Beast Roars this January and every one of its roars means $20k extra for players.

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