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The Poker Grapevine – Brunson Impresses in Vegas

Posted by: James Carter - Thu, 2012-02-16 06:05

The Poker Grapevine – Brunson Impresses in Vegas

Doyle Brunson may not be the greatest world-traveler and one probably won’t run into him at every other European and Asian live event. A short while ago, the 78-year old has admitted that traveling around trying to keep up with the various live poker tournaments world-over was no longer something he was keen on doing, but he never said he would quit poker. As a matter of fact, Tex Dolly is enjoying a great run in Las Vegas, where he’s crashing the cash games like never before. According to a blog post of his, Brunson has been busy at the Bellagio and Aria, where he managed to finish 14 of the 15 days he played till February 10 with a profit.
According to Doyle, the medium stakes games are quite popular at both above said venues. He specifically pointed out the $300/$600 tables at Aria and the $600/$1.2k tables at the Bellagio. He also said the games were popular indeed because there were waiting lists for all of them.

In other news: another US state is considering the issue of legal online poker. As Iowa lawmakers return to the Statehouse, on line poker will apparently be one of the issues on their tables. As everywhere in the US, the potential legal status of online poker received a massive and unexpected boost in Iowa at the end of last year, when the DoJ has suddenly changed its stance on the 1961 Wire Act. According to Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, optimism regarding the issue should be cautious and reserved though, as there are no guarantees whatsoever that a poker bill will pass in 2012. According to the same source however, the issue is certainly worth exploring, even more so in light of the fact that there’s already a blooming gray industry at work which gladly accepts Iowans’ monies.

In still other news: PKR have launched an attempt to create a poker wiki, relying heavily on user content-contributions.

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