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The current State of the US Poker online Gambling

Posted by: Randy Williams - Tue, 2017-03-07 09:27

The current State of the US Poker online Gambling

Most of the US poker fans have high hopes for the improvement of online poker after Donald Trump assumed presidential office, and that is pegged on his former affiliation as a casino owner. Though a few players are in fact skeptical about that assumption, there are doubts on whether Donald Trump would influence the federal government to legalize online gambling.

In his campaign, Donald Trump received support from the casino tycoon, Sheldon Adelson. Consequently, many are of the opinion that it may influence his stand on the legalization of US poker according to Americas Card Room.

On the same matter, Americas Card Room reported that on March 2017 four bills to legalize online gambling surfaced on the Michigan state Senate roster. That was proved by a copy of the screenshot of bills list on the Poker Players Alliance Twitter page. The iGaming discussion list is available on the Michigan State Website in the form of live feed titled S 202 to S 205.

Americas Card Room further reports that there is little information on the content of these feeds regarding poker legalization. However, some of the sponsors associated with the bills have been named such as Rick Jones, Rebekah Warren, and Curtis Hertel among others, all in the 203rd and 204th Senate bills. The hearing on the gambling bills is set for the 2nd week of March 2017. More of this information is at Americas Card Room.

Most of the US poker enthusiasts have found Americas Card Room the number one poker site to fulfill their poker news and gaming needs. The US poker gambling arena has been flourishing in the last few months with new sponsors streaming in. Poker Night, for instance, has signed a new sponsor, Kimo Sabe Mezcal, this March 2017.

The new liquor front which means ‘Trusted Friend’ recently made a debut in the California, Nevada, Arizona and New Jersey liquor markets. Being the new sponsor of Poker Night, the liquor sponsor is looking to improve the US poker platform by providing the necessary aid to back Poker Night in expanding its portfolio for more adventure for their poker Fans.

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