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Poker Odds Calculator

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Knowing the correct mathematical odds is extremely important for a poker player. How one starting hand measures up against another one of different flops, turns and rivers will give you an idea on what sort of call you should make or at least on what the mathematically correct call is.

Our Poker Odds calculator is among the best ones on the internet. You can use it to brush up on your strategy, and make yourself an overall better poker player.

Our poker calculator will not only tell you how big a % chance one hand stands against another depending on the cards on the table, it will also show you which cards will help your hand an which ones will counterfeit it.

For now, we only offer a Texas Holdem odds calculator, but in the future we may feature such tools for Omaha and Stud as well.
Our Holdem odds calculator works in real time, which means it hits you with the results instantly.