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EPT Season 9

The EPT’s schedule has yet again been tweaked for Season 9 in order to further improve on the Series: the first stop this time around is the Barcelona one, which takes place at the end of August. It is followed by the EPT San Remo, which is in turn followed by the Prague stop of the Series. Players can buy in directly or qualify online this season too.

The EPT is in many respects like fine wine: the older it gets, the finer its taste. This gradual improvement is obviously attributable to the efforts of the organizers to tweak the schedule each year, getting rid of stops which have in any way underperformed, and more aggressively pushing those which were highly successful. The schedule for Season 9 has indeed been boiled down and distilled over several times, to leave only the cream of the crop, while in the same time making sure that the Series does indeed cover every corner of Europe. There aren’t any ‘cheap’ Main Events on the menu this time around. All Main Events cost €5.3k to enter, with the exception of the PCA and the Monte Carlo Grand Final, which cost €10.3 and €10.6k respectively.

The Barcelona stop is back in its season-opening spot, with its Main Event taking place between August 19 and 25. One should never forget that EPT stops are not solely about their Main Events though: there are a handful of interesting High Rollers and direct access satellites running too, which offer players great value even if they don’t boast bracelets to go with their first prizes.
September will be an EPT-less month this year, as the action only returns on October 3, with the San Remo stop. San Remo is followed by Prague, then the PCA, then Deauville, London and Berlin. The Season wraps up in Monte Carlo as usual, with the Grand Final, which kicks off on May 6.

Online poker players should always take advantage of the satellites offered by PokerStars to qualify online for the EPT Season 9 Main Events.
It’s obvious that a €5.3k buy-in is not something average poker players can just cough up at a few weeks’ or even months’ notice. The EPT qualifiers are available in the PokerStars lobby under the Events tab. For each direct-access satellite, there are several sub and sub-sub satellites running, so at the end of the day, players can win an EPT Main Event seat for a handful of FPPs.

Here is the schedule for the PokerStars European Poker Tour 9:

EVENT Festival Dates Dates Buy-In Registration
EPT Barcelona, Spain Aug 15-25, 2012 Aug 19-25, 2012 €5,000 + 300 Register ept
EPT SANREMO, Italy Oct 3-11, 2012 Oct 5-11, 2012 €5,000 + 300 Register ept
Dec 5-15, 2012 Dec 9- 15, 2012
€5,000 + 300 Register ept
2013 PCA, Paradise Island The Bahamas Jan 5-14, 2013 Jan 7-13, 2013 $10,000 + 300 Register ept
EPT Deauville, France

Jan 30-Feb 9, 2013

Feb 3-9, 2013 €5,000 + 300 Register ept
EPT London, UK Mar 6-16, 2013 Mar 10-16, 2013 £5,000 + 250 Register ept
EPT Berlin, Germany Apr 17-27, 2013 Apr 21-27, 2013 €5,000 + 300 Register ept
PokerStars & Monete-Carlo Casino - EPT Grand Final, Monaco May 6-15, 2013 May 6-12, 2013 €10,000 + 600 Register ept