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European Poker Tour - EPT Season 6

Building on the success of its previous 5 seasons, the EPT’s 6th season is set to be bigger than ever. The richest live poker circuit will once again get rolling as the first half of the series schedule has recently been made public by EPT chief executive, John Duthie. It is already clear that the 6th season of the EPT will include stops that players may have grown familiar with from previous seasons, but new stops will also be added. The 5th season of the Tour generated huge prize-pools and attracted a huge number of players from no fewer than 97 countries. Attendance and the resulting prize-pools were so big that the EPT has now overtaken the WPT in terms of player registration and money turned over. Many of the EPT participants were online qualifiers who won their seats through PokerStars.

The EPT has been responsible for four of the biggest prize-pools put together outside of the United States.

The Grand Final was obviously a great success and the press hype surrounding it caused some serious ripples online as well as offline. Every year, more and more name pros show up for the Monte Carlo stop, as the event gains prestige and as the prize-pool fattens.

This year’s kick-off stop should’ve been the Moscow one, but the organizers decides to move the inaugural event of the EPT to Kyiv instead, as the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the venue that was supposed to host the Moscow event deterred them from giving it the green light. The buy-in for the Ukraine event will cost EUR 5,000 (4,700+300). The Tour will then stop in Barcelona, Warsaw, Prague, PCA, London and Vilamoura. Remember though that this is only the first half of the schedule and there’s plenty more action to come.