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EPT Kyiv

The first stop of the European Poker Tour will be in the capital of Ukraine, and it will probably start off by breaking a record: it will be the biggest ever live poker event in the history of this country. EPT Kyiv will take place between August 18th and 23rd, at the Kyiv Sports palace, and it will fall under the authority of the Ukraine Ministry if Youth, Family and Sport. That pretty much makes it clear that poker is treated like a sport in this country indeed.
The Kyiv event was scheduled to take place in Moscow, but a recent crackdown on brick and mortar casinos there made the availability of the venue uncertain. That prompted organizers to re-schedule the first stop for Kyiv. Players who have bought into the Moscow event have had their packages changed to Kyiv ones instead.
The buy-in for the event is EUR 5,000 (4,700 of which is the buy-in itself and EUR 300 are fees). The structure of the event is the same structure featured by all the other EPT events as well.

Of course, if you find the direct buy-in way too steep, you can always take an alternative route to securing your seat too. There will be live satellites running for the Main Event, and these only cost about a 10th of the price of the direct buy-in (EUR 500+EUR 5). Qualifying is also possible online at PokerStars. At PokerStars, an EPT Kyiv package is worth $9,800 and you can take one down via their Steps SNGs. In the Steps SNG’s you can work your way up from as little as $7.5, through 6 Steps, or you can buy into the final step directly, for considerably more. The EPT satellites available for registration can be viewed live at PokerStars’ site.

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