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Updated Thu, 2016-06-02 08:54

888poker's $5 Million Supersize Me

888 Poker Promotion

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100% up to $400 + $10

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US Accepted
The 2016 WSOP is upon us and online poker operators are racing to push out promotions taking advantage of the hype. 888poker are among the sites running such promotions, in fact, their $5 million Supersize Me promotion is one of the best WSOP-related promotions running now. What exactly does it consist of though?
The Supersize Me promotion is essentially aimed at those who win their 2016 WSOP Main Event packages at the site. If one of these package winners happens to win the Main Event, he/she will get an additional $5 million prize on top of the Main Event reward. That is quite a potential windfall indeed, but in order to be eligible for it, players have to fulfill a number of conditions. 888poker do not want the prize to land in the laps of a highly-successful professional, therefore, players who have ranked within the GPI's top 100 prior to winning their $5 Million Supersize Me package, are not eligible to receive the extra money in case of a Main Event win, although they're just as eligible to win the package itself. Also, players who finished within the top 50 of one of WSOP's past Vegas Main Events, are not eligible for the extra prize either.
Sign up to 888poker right now and play in their $5 million Supersize Me tournaments for your chance to play in the WSOP Main Event, as well as to pick up a $5 million extra prize if you happen to win.

The way forward is therefore obviously to play in the $5 million Supersize Me tournaments at 888poker. Those who win a Main Event package through these tournaments and play in the Main Event will have to update their 888poker representative every 6 hours in regards to their chip status. It almost goes without saying that package winners will have to act as 888poker ambassadors through the event. If an 888player does go ahead and wins the package and then the Main Event, he/she will receive $3 million within 45 days following the end of the Main Event. A further $1 million will be transferred in March 2017, and another $1 million in March 2018.
Even if one doesn't go on to win the Main Event, it is still well worth playing in the Supersize Me tournaments. The packages handed out through these promotional events are worth $13.5k each, and they include the buy-in, $1.5k for travel and expenses, limousine service, as well as access to a welcome session and an 888Live poker kit.
For those looking to play in the 2016 WSOP Main Event, 888poker is THE destination! Register your account now!

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