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Updated Sat, 2009-11-14 09:54

Pounds Sterling Super Series at CDPoker

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It's big, it's in pounds, it has added cash, and it comes to your computer every night of the week; that's right, it's the CDPoker Super Series tournaments.

At the risk of sounding overly nationalistic, isn't it nice when poker sites realise that yes there are those of us out there who don't function in Dollars or Euros, but rather prefer to chose our tournaments and play our games in good old pound sterling! Imagine my joy therefore with the CDPoker Super Series; not only is it super, it's in pounds!

The Super Series has a tournament running at CDPoker every single day of the week – yes every day; not every day except whatever, but really truly every day. What's even better is that every single tournament has an amount of cash added to the prize pool. Now, with buy-ins of £10 and £5, it's not that the prize pools aren't going to be quite handsome by themselves, but rather it seems that CDPoker just figured, well why not. The added cash amounts vary from £100 to £1,000 and each event has 2,000 starting chips, and 15 minute blinds. Got your interest? Yea, I thought it might. Well here's everything you need to know and all times are (thank-you CDPoker) in UK time:

Monday, 19:30: £1,000 added cash, £10 + £1 buy-in.
Tuesday, 20:00: £200 added cash, £5 + £0.50 buy-in.
Wednesday, 20:30: £250 added cash, £10 + £1 buy-in.
Thursday, 20:00: £100 added cash, £5 + £0.50 buy-in.
Friday, 21:00: £100 added cash, £5 + £0.50 buy-in.
Saturday, 21:00: £100 added cash, £5 + £0.50 buy-in.
Sunday, 18:00: £250 added cash, £10 + £1 buy-in.

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