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Updated Sat, 2012-08-04 12:12

On Line Poker Sites Best: InterPoker August Rake Race

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Excitement makes the world go round, and there’s nothing more exciting than the InterPoker August Rake Race, where the on line poker sites members play for a whopping €4k.

Folks who play online casino games and poker will be familiar with the concept of a rake race; the idea is that you earn race points for each dollar of rake you generate and according to the points you earn you race against other players to the payout slots. The concept isn’t a rare one, but the standard of the rake race run by InterPoker is. InterPoker is running possibly the most hardcore rake race out of all the on line poker sites, and its doing so right now. The August Rake Race is running up till August 19th and it is noteworthy for two reasons – the amount of the payout and the number of players who receive the payout.

At many on line poker sites the rake race will have a small prize pool, or a decent sized prize pool will be shared out between so many players that it might as well have been a small one. The InterPoker August Rake Race stands out from the other online casino games and poker sites in both of these elements though. The August Rake Race is worth a massive €4,000, and that prize pool will be awarded to just 12 players. In this way the InterPoker Rake Race is the most competitive, exciting, and hardcore of all the on line poker sites.

The first place prize for the August Rake race will be €1,000, whilst the second place prize is €750, and the third place is €480. Now what often happens is that the lower prizes are just a dollar or two – not so with InterPoker. The 12th place prize which is the lowest prize available is €50, whilst 11th and 10th place prizes are €80 and €110 respectively.

In order to compete in the InterPoker August Rake Race you must be a member of InterPoker, and you must play on qualifying real money tables. For every €0.25 generated in rake, players will receive 1 Race Point. Of course the higher your Race Point count is, the higher you climb on the table which is updated hourly.

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