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Updated Mon, 2009-11-23 14:55

Kill the Pro Promortion at Winamax Poker

Winamax Poker Promotion

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Winamax Poker created a team of 13 professional players. Winamax organize tournaments with the participation of the pros next to the amateur players. This is the distinctiveness of the Winamax Poker’s tournaments. Four professional players of the Team Winamax take part in each tournament. The principle is to defy those boundaries and try to eliminate them one by one. Whether you want to enjoy a good game or evaluate your poker skills measuring yourself to a pro, this is the tournament that you need. So, get ready to rumble!

Winamax Poker fixes the participation fee to $10+1 per tournament with $8000 guaranteed. Kill the Pro is a No Limit Hold’em tournament. You not only win $2 every time you eliminate a player but you earn a particular reward for every pro eliminated. This monthly tournament offers a growing reward for each player you eliminate. In fact, a bounty system has been created on the four Winamax Poker players who take part in the tournament. If you eliminate a pro you earn $100, but if you eliminate several, your reward goes up exponentially and you can easily reach $5000 if you eliminate all four players. So you can win up to $5000 without winning the tournament.

So, ladies and gentlemen, don’t hesitate to register to the next tournament of Kill the Pro which will take place Sunday November 29th at 21:00hr and try your luck (you’ll certainly need some). It’s your unique opportunity to test your poker level and playing skills against true poker professionals.

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