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WSOP Satellites Online

Every year, the WSOP signals the culmination of live poker activity, with scores upon scores of players descending upon Las Vegas not only for the $10k Main Event, but for the tens of bracelet-awarding side events too, every one of which enters its winner straight into the poker history books, while handing out a major, potentially life-altering prize as well. the 2016 WSOP will obviously be no exception and while it is indeed a tad early to start talking about specific 2016 events (the official schedule has not yet been made public) we already know when the Series will start, when it will wrap up, and yes we do indeed have a fairly good idea about how it'll unfold too.

The poker community is a high-adrenaline, thrill-seeking one, and thus simply keeping things the same as far as the WSOP's 2016 edition (its 47th) is concerned is not a good course of action, and it is indeed safe to assume organizers will steer clear of it by looking to spice things up through the introduction of new events, the removal of some of the old ones which failed to generate as much hype as their peers and with generally injecting more money and more excitement into the whole thing.
The 2016 WSOP will kick off on May 27 and it will feature some 68 bracelet events, 68 opportunities for players to pull off a rags-to-riches story by also making use of the online qualifiers offered by sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, 888poker and indeed, every other noteworthy online poker operation out there. The World Series of Poker will wrap up on July 7 again, and although there has not been a confirmation yet regarding the format of the Main Event, based on this year's success (on on years past too) it is safe to assume the October/November Nine shall return.

Not only does the WSOP stoke greed, it also fires up players' fantasies: various poker pros are already forwarding ideas for new 2016  WSOP events, one wilder than the other in format and in prize-pools. Even the idea of non-poker events has been floated...something that would fly in the very face of what the essence of the Series is.
As always, for rank-and-file players, the best road into the 2016 WSOP will lead through the above mentioned online qualifiers, and - as we always say - it's never too early to start your qualifying efforts!