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2016 EPT Grand Final - Day 1B Report

Posted by: Jo Martin - Mon, 2016-05-02 04:46

2016 EPT Grand Final - Day 1B Report

The second day 1 flight of the 2016 EPT Grand Final was that of the online qualifiers who made their way into the main event through PokerStars. More than 223 such players took part in the hostilities of Day 1B and the registration remains open till the beginning of Day 2, so organizers fully expect the eventual field to hit to the 1.1k mark. The player who ended up with the largest stack at the end of Day 1B was Albert Daher, who had some 266k chips bagged. Daher started off well, happening upon a perfect hand early in the day. He turned a J-high flush in a five-bet pot, and he managed to get his opponent all-in. After that, he bounced two more players, adding some more to his stack, and he never slowed down. Sebastian Lebaron finished second, with 234.4k chips to his name.
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This time, there were scores of PokerStars pros in the starting field: Vanessa Selbst played, as did Fatima Moreira de Melo. Selbst finished with a very healthy stack of 155.2k, while de Melo ended up with 149.2k chips.
With so many name players in the field, it was inevitable that some of them would bite the dust. Andrey Zaichenko was bounced, as were Andrew Chan and Lee Markholt. PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu registered after the dinner break. His Grand Final run was an extremely short one though: he only played for 35 minutes. His final hand saw him make a top pair, top kicker with an A,K against Markku Koplimaa, who was chasing a gut-shot straight and who ended up making it on the turn.
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