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2016 WSOP Predictions

Posted by: James Carter. - Thu, 2016-06-02 07:14

2016 WSOP Predictions

The 2016 edition of the World Series of Poker kicks off today and the pent-up excitement about the biggest live poker Series of the year has reached its peak. This is indeed the best time to speculate and to make predictions on a wide variety of issues linked to poker, among them whether or not Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson will finally make their return to live action. There's little doubt about the fact that both players still draw massive heat from the community. No one seems to like them, but Lederer has been paving the way for a return lately. Although some still believe that neither of the two will actually show up, those in the know seem to have different predictions. What everyone agrees on is that Ferguson will probably not be at the tables this year. Lederer on the other hand is said to have return plans and there is some insider information pointing to the fact that he will indeed stage a return this year. Some are expected to get in his face about the Full Tilt Poker fiasco, but on the whole, with security stepped up around him, Lederer is expected to enter the $50k Poker Players' Championship and some other such high buy-in events and generally speaking, get away with it.
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Just how far Lederer will go in the events he enters is an entirely different question. Experts however are not expecting him to make any waves in this respect. At any rate, just showing up and getting the poker community used to his presence again will be a major mark in the W column for him.
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