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Updated Sun, 2011-08-28 10:15

Cash for FPPs in DoylesRoom Free Parking

Doyles Room Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
110% up to $600

Bonus Code:

US Accepted

Does Free Parking win you the money in the middle? There’s some confusion over the Monopoly rules; but none over the DoylesRoom rules where FPP Free Parking equals real cash.

Free Cash is without a doubt the best type of money, and at DoylesRoom there’s more of it than ever to go around. The FPP Free Parking promotion at the online poker site allows players to earn real money bonus rewards for free as they earn FPPs. This promotion is open to all members of the online poker community and couldn’t be easier to benefit from.

Most online poker sites will give you free cash, but you need to work hard for it; at DoylesRoom with FPP Free Parking promotion, all you have to do is play. The online poker site has set up milestones in points earning. As members of the online poker community hit these milestones they will receive the cash bonus that goes with it – simple as that. There are 6 milestones to hit in total, from 25,000 FPPs and up. When any member of the online poker community earns their first 25,000 FPPs they will get $25. A further 25,000 FPPs will earn them another $25. 100,000 FPPs will earn $100 in cash, whilst 200,000 FPPs means a bonus of $200. 500,000 FPPs earns $500 and finally 1,000,000 FPPs will win the player $1,000 in cash bonus.  In order to take part in FPP Free Parking you simply need to play in the real money tables at the online poker site and keep an eye on your progress bar. Once you have earned enough points you can claim your reward by hitting the “$25 Free Parking” Button and you will see the $25 bonus appear in your online poker account. You can always check your status in the DoylesRoom Rewards window.

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