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Chris Moneymaker Spearheads PokerStars' DUEL Push

Posted by: Randy Williams - Tue, 2016-03-01 09:44

Chris Moneymaker Spearheads PokerStars' DUEL Push

When it comes marketing and selling a new product, PokerStars are quite unparalleled in their capabilities and in the amount of resources they can pour into the effort. Right now, the product they're selling is called DUEL, the first ever heads-up, turn-based, mobile-only online poker game, and it is only fitting that the pro they have at the forefront of the DUEL marketing push is the one responsible for the online poker revolution of 2004: Chris Moneymaker.
Armed with DUEL, PokerStars are hoping Moneymaker will lead the industry into yet another revolution, one that will get scores of casual players who are currently simply too busy to partake in the "traditional" online poker experience back to the tables.
According to Moneymaker, the future of online poker is in the hands of casual players, therefore ideas and solutions have to be devised to capture the attention of this specific demographic. This is exactly what DUEL accomplishes, going way above and beyond that objective though. By being a mobile-only app, it is obviously targeting the i-generation, looking to flood the tired organism of online poker with fresh blood.
Sign up to PokerStars, create an account there and start playing DUEL, the game which will fit perfectly into your busy day, regardless of what it is that you do.

The biggest selling point of DUEL - besides all the other perks it comes with - is its turn-based nature, thanks to which it will not force its players to stick to the screen. One can simply play whenever he/she has a few minutes to do so, leave everything on hold and then return to the action whenever possible.
DUEL feels a lot more like a video game than an actual online poker client and its heads-up nature lends the competitive aspect a whole new dimension as well.
Play at PokerStars. The site is the online poker industry's best destination for promotions, tournaments and technological innovations. Register now!

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