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Full Tilt Poker Launches Players Club

Posted by: Randy Williams - Fri, 2015-08-14 06:17

Full Tilt Poker Launches Players Club

Full Tilt Poker has gone through quite a shakeup this year and apparently the jostling of reward systems and player reward schemes hasn't ended yet. What the changes have thus far accomplished was that they pushed the cash games over to PokerStars, so Full Tilt Poker is no longer the top cash game destination of the online poker world, a title in which it used to take great pride in the past. The recently announced changes follow a familiar pattern: they are all focused on making the games more attractive for recreational players.
Fish hunting was targeted by a move which eliminated players' ability to select the tables at which they wanted to play. Now, the rewards program has been overhauled as well, also with the aim of making it more attractive for the recreational crowd.
Open an account at Full Tilt Poker if you consider yourself a recreational player. The recently introduced changes are all in your favor!

According to Full Tilt's managing director Dominic Mansour, the changes will not only make the poker room a much more attractive destination for the rank-and-file players, it will also help set the site apart from its competitors in a good way.
Every Full Tilt player will become a member of the Players Club, which will feature benefits like The Deal, a game which will hand out prizes like tournament buy-ins, cash as well as a progressive jackpot, which can go up all the way to $100k.
Freeroll tournaments will receive a massive boost from the Players Club setup: the prizes they will hand out will be more than doubled. Players Club members will also gain access to added money tournaments every day. The most interesting thing about this loyalty-system revamp is that the old Edge Rewards program will remain available to those who wish to stay with it.
Play at Full Tilt Poker: the site is now the best destination for recreational poker players !

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