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Lederer Takes Responsibility for Full Tilt Debacle

Posted by: James Carter. - Mon, 2016-05-23 10:41

Lederer Takes Responsibility for Full Tilt Debacle

...or does he really? With the WSOP approaching fast, Howard Lederer, one of the villains of the Full Tilt Poker Black Friday scandal, saw it fit to issue an apology through Daniel Negreanu's blog. The apology is essentially a lengthy letter, in which Lederer is looking to sort of come clean with the community, in an apparent effort to get some of the heat off his name before the WSOP kicks off. If he does indeed play in this year's WSOP, we'll know for sure whether that was indeed the purpose of his apology.
Following the Black Friday fiasco, Lederer went to great lengths to deflect responsibility towards other Full Tilt officials, thus raising the ire of the poker community. This apology of his is a sort of attempt to go back on those efforts, sort of accepting responsibility for what had happened to players' monies.
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At the end of the day though, the apology doesn't really sound sincere. To make a long story short, Lederer says that he was wrong when he didn't keep a closer eye on some other elements/factors who - as he implies - were the ones directly responsible for what essentially amounted to theft. What he's trying to tell the community is that while not directly responsible for the problems, he does carry some blame because he neglected to spot the wrongdoings and thus he let down thousands who possibly played at the site because he was one of its managers. The problem is though that this letter came about 5 years too late, and that some of those wronged, who still haven't recovered their monies to this day, hold him directly responsible for the ordeal.
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