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Nevada Gaming Revenues Fail to Impress in June

Posted by: Randy Williams - Mon, 2015-08-10 15:55

Nevada Gaming Revenues Fail to Impress in June

Summer is usually not a good time for the online gambling industry: people spend a lot of time outside, they go vacationing and the last thing on their mind is to spend hours staring at their computer/mobile device screens. According to that line of thought, summer should be great for live gambling, but it turns out it isn't. According to the latest figures released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, year-over-year gambling revenues in the state of Nevada have declined by a rather significant 8.37%. What that essentially means is that casinos in the state have pocketed some $830.9 million in winnings in June, quite a bit less than in June of 2014, when the haul was $906.9 million.
Responsible for most of the lost revenues were apparently the baccarat tables, which generated 56% less revenue this June than last June. It is also part of the truth though that last year's June revenues represented a record for baccarat, so a drop was expected.
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Exactly why the baccarat tables took such a big hit is something of a mystery, although some experts seem to think it all has to do with the Chinese government's crackdown on corruption and on Macau's gaming industry, moves which forced the big Chinese baccarat players to take a break from action.
In Macau, the situation has been going from bad to worse for 14 straight months now. When compared to June of 2014, the total gaming revenue in the Chinese gambling paradise has dropped by some $34%. The dire outlook apparently does not affect investor plans to open new gambling establishments. Melco Entertainment for instance is set on pushing $3.2 billion into a mega casino.
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