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Online Poker Action: Polk to Fight Sands?

Posted by: James Carter. - Sun, 2015-08-23 13:21

Online Poker Action: Polk to Fight Sands?

The world of online poker has always been a quirky one therefore it is not exactly a surprise that Dough Polk and David Sands' rumored $500k fight isn't even the first instance of such a story. Bertrand Grospellier was involved in a bet like this years ago and now it looks like Sands and Polk may duke it out too for a cool half mil. The one who initiated the fight challenge was apparently Sands, who sent Polk a message about it. Polk accepted and messaged back. The two players thought about a boxing match 6 months down the line, then a bout within 3 weeks but apparently could not agree on the technical details, so right now it looks like there will be no fight after all. In other poker news: a player known by the online moniker "Yoghii" was the one who finished last week with the biggest profit at PokerStars.
Striking like lightning out of the blue, Yoghii played 4,974 hands, ending up with a profit of $432.3k. Needless to say, these exploits all happened at PokerStars.
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The second most profitable player of the week was "jama-dharma" who took down some $79k. "riverdave" and "flong78" also finished with decent profits of $73k and $46k respectively.
On the losing end of the spectrum, "Krafty_It" was the one leading the pack. His losses amounted to some $285.3k and it only took him 1,434 hands spread over 12 different sessions, to arrive to that number. Others who lost big were Jean-Robert Bellande and Ilari Sahamies. The Finn dropped some $67.5k. Bellande lost more than $164k. The biggest winner of the year is still "bbvisbadforme", while the biggest loser is still Viktor Blom.
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