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Updated Sat, 2010-04-10 01:26

Pacific Poker Royal Flush $25k

888Poker Promotion

Deposit Bonus:
100% up to $400 + $8

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US Accepted

The best poker promotions are the ones that allow you to do what you would usually do but simply add an extra incentive; for example $25k from Pacific Poker.

We all love to play poker; let’s face it, that’s why you’re reading this article to start with. We all love good promotions and the promise of something for nothing; let’s face it, we’re only human. It’s often the case with these promotions as I’m sure you’ve found, that yes you do have the chance to win x amount, but you have to play so much, or invest so much first that one sometimes wonders if it’s worth it. Not so with Pacific Poker right now.

Pacific Poker has launched their Royal Flush Jackpot tables. To find one of these tables you must simply go to the “Jackpots” tab in the lobby and you’ll see tables marked at “Royal” – these are the ones you want. Play at the Royal Flush Jackpot tables is much the same as play at any of the other Pacific Poker tables, but there’s one important difference; a difference that could be worth up to $25k.

If you’re playing poker at one of the Royal Flush Jackpot tables you are playing a regular game of poker, but you’re looking out for something special too – a Spade Royal Flush. Pacific Poker has made the spades the suit of the hour, or the day, or maybe even the month. Should you find yourself with a Spade Royal Flush hand you will be awarded 100% of the jackpot amount. What about the clubs, diamonds, and hearts though, we hear you cry. Well never to be accused of being suit-ist, Pacific Poker will also give a payout of 10% of the jackpot to a Royal Flush from any of the other suits too.

As you can see, no strings attached, just the chance of a fat payout for playing the poker that we all love to play anyhow – Thanks Pacific Poker!

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