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Phil Hellmuth Chimes in on Donald Trump

Posted by: James Carter. - Thu, 2016-03-03 10:37

Phil Hellmuth Chimes in on Donald Trump

The American public seems to have fallen into a sort of inexplicable fascination with Republican presidential candidate and likely presidential nominee Donald Trump, whose anti-establishment stance seems to come out a winner from every debate, regardless of his bombastic and off-the-hook remarks regarding various aspects of internal and external politics. In an interview with The Street, poker pro Phil Hellmuth tossed his two cents into the mix regarding the analysis of Trump's thus far wildly successful campaign push and he obviously did so through poker analogies.
According to the Poker Brat, Trump is the definition of a loose-aggressive player, an assertion which does indeed make sense given the New York businessman's bombastic approach to campaigning and the utter aggression with which he annihilates everything his opponents throw his way. He's also playing a lot a extremely weak hands, but he's playing them well. Not a friend of fact-checking, at times it seems like Trump doesn't even really care much about the facts. He's not playing his cards, he's playing his opponents, and thus far, he's done an outstanding job of that.
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The only way to deal with such a player in poker is to "harpoon" him, that is to allow him to walk into a trap that will end up costing him all his chips. Unfortunately, this sort of approach isn't likely to yield any results against The Donald, because for it to work, he'd have to play by the rules, and as just about everyone will agree: Trump has long changed the rules. The US public simply allowed him to get away with it, and as long as that remains the case, torpedoing his Presidential run will border on the impossible.
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