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Updated Tue, 2013-12-17 14:24

Play Holdem 2 Choose Your Christmas Present at Betsson Poker

Betsson Poker Promotion

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We all play online poker for money, but there no-one who wouldn’t grab the opportunity to get free non-cash prizes; especially considering what Betsson Poker is giving away!

At Betsson Poker right know you get to Choose Your Christmas Present; no unwanted jumpers or unnecessary toiletries, we promise! The Choose Your Christmas Present promotion is for all who play online poker for money at the site, but it doesn’t actually cost anything. All you need to do is opt-in to the present you want and then play holdem until you reach the loyalty points requirement to win it. There are 4 presents available in total, and once you have completed the loyalty points requirement the present will be delivered right to your house.

The first present is a deck of cards with which you can play holdem and practice your game; in order to get the cards you need to earn 1,000 loyalty points. Next is a wallet that requires 5,000 loyalty points. Next up the ladder is an awesome Sky Dragon RC Helicopter which could be yours for 10,000 loyalty points. Last but not least Betsson Poker could be giving you an Apple TV for Christmas, to win this you need to earn 20,000 Loyalty Points.

To take part in Choose Your Christmas Present at Betsson Poker you need to opt-in and earn the required number of points by December 31st.

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