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Updated Sat, 2014-02-15 13:12

Play Holdem 4 Holiday in Betsson Poker Grand Poker Adventure

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We all play online poker for money, but what about playing for a dream to come true. Members of Betsson Poker will be doing so every month in 2014.

Betsson Poker is running the Grand Poker Adventure for the entire of 2014, and in it players won’t just play online poker for money, but for a dream holiday. Each month the poker site is giving away a holiday for two in the Seychelles, and all that’s standing between you and that holiday is 6 missions.

Each month Betsson Poker will set missions for members to complete. When those missions have been completed a raffle ticket will be won. Each month a name is pulled out of the raffle and that person is the lucky winner of a holiday for two in the Seychelles. The missions vary from month to month, but each month are highly attainable, especially for those who play holdem at the site regularly anyway.

This month the 6 missions for the Grand Poker Adventure are as follows:

1) Play 50 hands of Blackjack on the casino side games
2) Play in a Super Weekend Malta qualifier
3) Earn 100 loyalty points in the Microgaming site
4) Play 50 Blaze Poker Hands
5) Win a sports bet
6) Verify your Betsson Account

As you can see, some of these are activities that you would do anyway, for example play holdem in 50 Blaze Poker games, others maybe you wouldn’t, but they are all fun, and all easy.  Good luck, and dig out the sunscreen!

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