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Updated Mon, 2015-08-24 06:58

Play in Ladbrokes' SNG Crazy Chases!

Ladbrokes Promotion

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ladbrokes school Having kicked off on August 1, Ladbrokes Poker's Sit'n Go Crazy Chases is a promotion designed to lure players to the SNG tables by offering them extra value there. The SNG Crazy Chases is essentially a Sit'n Go-focused points chase, which makes it possible for players to earn as much as €8k. All one has to do to take part in the promotion and to take down bonus cash is to play in real money SNGs. The targets available for the "chasers" are numerous and diverse: there are daily, weekly and monthly targets and even a mix of them, each and every one delivering attractive rewards. If there was ever a good time to play in SNGs at Ladbrokes poker, it certainly is now. In daily chases, the minimum target is 50 points. Having reached that, players will be handed a €0.35 prize. There are several daily target levels though.
For instance, those who reach 100 points get €0.75. The maximum amount of money one can win as part of the daily target-chase is €100 and it requires 10k points.
Sign up to Ladbrokes Poker now and make use of their SNG Crazy Chases to build up your bankroll and to further your online poker cause!

As far as the weekly targets are concerned: the minimum in this respect is 500 points, which is worth €1.50. It may seem like a lot at first glance, but considering that one has a full week to reach the mark, it's not that daunting a task. Those who rack up 1k points get €4. The maximum amount of money players can take down in the weekly section of the promotion is €550, for which one will have to generate 100k points.
Last but not least, the monthly target section starts off with a 2.5k points threshold, which is worth some €10 in bonus money. At 5k points, the reward goes up to €22.5. The most money one can take down as part of the monthly component of the promotion is €3k. Everything considered, a very active player can take down as much as €8k during the promotion.
In order to take part in the promotion, players are required to opt in manually. Event leader-boards are available at the Ladbrokes site and they're updated every hour. The promotion wraps up on August 31. The weekly sections of the promotion run from Saturdays to Fridays.
Play at Ladbrokes Poker and take advantage of the extra money shelled out at the SNG tables during the month of August.

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