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Updated Thu, 2011-08-18 13:30

Bitter Sweet Beat with Bad Beat Jackpot at PlayersOnly

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We’ve all lost poker games on great hands and beaten ourselves up for it. At PlayersOnly when that happens you may be quids in with the Bad Beat Jackpot.

Did you ever get beat with a 4 of Kind Kings, or a straight flush? Of course you have; all poker players have. That’s what we call a Bad Beat, but at PlayersOnly it’s less of a bad beat than usual thanks to the Bad Beat Jackpot. The online poker site believes that enough is enough and even losing hands should be rewarded; so long as their super good hands!

PlayersOnly members will find specific Bad Beat tables at the online poker site. At all of these special tables $0.50 from every single pot will go towards the Bad Beat Jackpot. If a player gets beaten with Four of a Kind 7s or higher the jackpot will go to them – simple as that! It’s not just the loser and the winner however that will get a cash payout. The prize money will be shared out between the loser, the, winner, and every-one else. To be precise the losing player will get 35% of the prize cash, the winner will get 17.5%, and all the other players will share out 17.5%. The remaining 30% will go towards reseeding the pot and MergeGaming.

Bad Beat Jackpots are available to all payers on the Bad Beat Jackpot tables, but in order to be eligible the losing hand must be Four of a Kind 7s or better, and conversely the winning hand therefore must be Four of a Kind 8s or better. The losing and winning hands must include both hole cards and a minimum of four players must be dealt into the hand, otherwise it doesn’t count as a PlayersOnly Bad Bead Jackpot. 

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