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Updated Tue, 2011-05-10 05:53

Be the Tourney King at PlayersOnly

PlayersOnly Promotion

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100% up to $1000

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PlayersOnly is giving all members of its online poker community the opportunity to prove that they are the Tourney King with the Tourney King $20,000 Leaderboard.

If you're a member of the PlayersOnly online poker community you might already be familiar wit the Tourney King promotion - if you're not, you might want to get yourself acquainted with it asap. The Tourney King runs each month at PlayersOnly and May is no exception; the only question is; may it be your turn to be Tourney King?
The online poker site crowns a Tourney King each month not just with title but with riches too. There’s a prize pool of more than $20,000 riding on this title each month, and of course only the best tournament players will make it. To make yourself eligible for being in the running for Tourney King you simply need to play in as many MTTs as you can in the duration of the month. With each MTT you play in you will have the opportunity to earn points which will count towards your leaderboard position with the number of points varying depending on the number of players and the size of the buy-ins of the MTTs you compete in. There are in fact two leaderboards run by the online poker site, so if you're a small time players don't worry about being set up against the big fish. The PlayersOnly high limit leaderboard is for Multi-Table Tournaments with buy-ins costing $20 or above, whilst the Low Limit Leaderboard is for Multi-Table Tournaments with buy-ins of under $20. If you're looking at this and thinking that you fall in between the two, don't worry - you won't be asked to choose; rather the online poker site will allow you to compete in both Tourney King leaderboards.
At the end of the month the top 250 players in each of the two leaderboards will be invited by PlayersOnly to partake in the final tournament, where that $20,000 prize pool will be won, and the Tourney King title will be awarded.


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